Sony Bravia 3D TV

This video (my first stint at directing) was for Sony Bravia 3D TV. Our approach was to give an interpretation of 3D by filming real projections in an environment around the TV.

The only CG are the visuals upon the actual TV screen, and the final falling leaf shot – all other effects are ‘in-camera’.

Year: 2010
Client: Sony
Agency: Hugo & Cat
Directors: Jonathan Sykes, Yannick Connan
DoP: Alessio Valori
Art Director: Jonathan Sykes
Creative Director: Yannick Connan
Projections: Jonathan Sykes, Takeo Ozaki, Tasos Bakas
Post: Jonathan Sykes, Karolina Kret, Lee Hills
Editor / Grading: Yannick Connan
Concept: Jonathan Sykes, Yannick Connan
Production: Elisabetta Viggiani
Copy: Owen Booth