Nokia N9

The N9 heralded the lovely but short-lived Meego OS (replaced soon after by Windows once Microsoft stepped in). With these videos I tried to convey the phone’s sublime ease of use – a result of the way the OS and product design were conceived together from scratch.

The five videos below relate to different features; the one above is a general, condensed edit. All shot on Super 16 film.Scroll for more films

Year: 2011
Client: Nokia
Agency: Hugo and Cat
Director: Jonathan Sykes
Concept: Jonathan Sykes, James McCabe, Olly Osbourne, Marko Anstice
Producer: James Heath
DoP: Marc Gomez Del Moral
Creative Assistance: Chris Tozer
1st AD: Terry McShane
Edit: Simon Hardgood
Art Dept: Natalie O'Connor
Sound Design: Tim Harrison
Copy: James McCabe
AC: Gaizko Fanarraga, Claudia Mallart
Grade: Ben - Glassworks
Styling: Alice Woodward