The Dublin Doodle

As part of Tourism Ireland’s annual ‘Greening’ to promote St Patrick’s Day, we created The Dublin Doodle.

The public submitted doodles using our Facebook drawing app, the best of which were then projected onto Trinity College in Dublin during St Patrick’s Day itself as the centrepiece of the festival. A live feed of the projection was broadcast on Ireland.com.

The film I shot of the opening night can be seen above, and the video below shows how the campaign came together.

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Year: 2013
Client: Tourism Ireland
Agency: Hugo & Cat
Art direction: Jonathan Sykes
Concept: Jonathan Sykes & Davide Melis
Design: Chris Tozer
Motion design: Marko Anstice
Project management: Simon Marshall & Anuradha Acharya
Development: Andrew Mee & Mark Radford
Illustrations: Robbie's Brown Shoes
Event Film: Jonathan Sykes
Timelapse: Marko Anstice
Edit: Gaia Borretti
Case study: Jonathan Sykes, Marko Anstice, Olly Osbourne