Hugo & Cat book

Every year Hugo & Cat release a notebook – my concept for 2014 was to create a book that nudges you along as you go… every flippin’ page of it.

Tongue firmly in-cheek, the tone is that of an early 20th century text book with most pages displaying a little maxim intended to help you dodge the dreaded creative impasse (all sourced from the collective mind of Hugo & Cat).

Throughout the book there is also a sprinkling of exercises [time-wasters] to help you on your way – such as free-writing, entopic graphomania and a wisdom generator (basically a cootie catcher).

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Year: 2014
Client: Hugo & Cat
Concept: Jonathan Sykes
Design: Jonathan Sykes, Yannick Connan
Words: Jonathan Sykes, Hugo & Cat
Video: Jonathan Sykes
Photography: Jonathan Sykes
Music: Cylinder Nine - Chris Zabriskie